Friday, September 08, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted in a while! My school started yesterday, which happened to be my sister's birthday so I had no time in between getting ready for both of those events. It's the weekend (yay!!), so hopefully, I can squeeze in a bit of posting! I have a book report to do (already!!), so I'm a little busy with that. I will try to get posts in during the week if I can spare enough time, and almost definitely the weekends and Fridays. Have an awesome school year everyone!


I want to know what you all wore to your day back...feel free to post the details of your outfit =]

p.s. I wore a bright blue polo, worn-looking American Eagle jeans, and black BP. flats

Monday, September 04, 2006

Andy Warhol

His name was Andy Warhol and he was a brilliant illustrator who created an iconic, original, and refreshing artwork that will never be duplicated. His pop-art illustrations consisted of simple things such as a bottle of Coke, Campell's Soup cans, or a banana. He is also famous for paintings of then-modern-day icons Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor. Here are examples of his magnificent work:

"Marilyn #23" (screenprint)

"Life Savers" (screenprint)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back-To-School Shopping

Since my school year starts this Thursday (to my dismay), I got to do a little bit of back-to-school shopping (which cheered me up)! I started off in Gadzooks (a branch off of Forever 21) and bought an oval clip hair accessory, two thermals, and a pair of tailored shorts. Then I headed over to Abercrombie and Fitch where I purchased a bright, dark blue polo top. I then made my way over to American Eagle Outfitters, and purchased a pair of jeans (they have amazing jeans, that fit your look, body, and budget!) and a cropped knit jacket by their new line "aerie". My next stop was Hollister, where I picked up a cami and jacket. My last stop was PacSun, where I snagged a belt, a pair of cute sweats, and a tunic-type top.

Next stop: H&M !!

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Okay, we can all probably admit to owning one (or two or three...) pairs of chic ballet flats. And, I'll admit, I'm a fan, so here are some flats that I absolutely adore (and the prices aren't too bad, either!!):

Metallic Ballet flats ($16.99)

Fiona Flats ($24)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Carrotbox

The Carrotbox ( is a very cool website created by someone who is allergic to metal, so she started making and selling rings made out of plastic, glass, wooden, jade, lucite, etc. The rings are mostly priced under $20, and come in a great variety. Bonus: If there are any defects in the ring, it goes in the 'Bruised Bin,' where they are discounted! Here are a few examples of rings:


Hey guys! I'm back from my trip, so I'll be doing a lot more posting from now on! First of all, I'm not going to link any more blogs for a little while, I need to get back in-step. I'll be linking in a short while, so be patient please. =] And please don't ask me to link your blog to my page unless I've talked to you before. (No offense to those who've already asked me to link)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

OpuLav ♥'s Aviators

Throw your square whites shades aside, and grab yourself a pair of aviator rims! These sunglasses are perfect, giving the right mix of cool and classy. Aviators are also excellent to start off this season in style. Here are examples of my most desired:

Gold Aviator Sunglasses ($8)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stuff For The Room

Here are some unique and adorable things to decorate your room with:

Flower Bouquet Lights ($33) comes in purple, pink and white

Orb Light ($38)

Cameo Pillow ($38)

Lotus Cermaic Tealight Holder ($15) comes in dark red, dark turqouise, black, teal, creme, putty, and rose

Chalkie ($14) comes in black, red, and blue
This awesome vase is custimizable, so you can use it to express your creative side, or to remember your school schedule!